Latin romance characteristics entail complicated sociopolitical processes that have been shaped by changing “rules of the game” in global politics and business. Additionally they include new opportunities depending on the momentum in renewable powers and e-mobility in Argentina, precision sylviculture in Brazil, fruits and new auto parts in Chile, and Panama’s trade links with the world. These factors really are a powerful engine for marketing cross-border assistance in the parts of energy, weather and health.

In the context of the other, there is particular focus on the importance of family and friends in Latin America. This is especially evident in the Argentine piquetero and the Venezuelan street protests, which are not only rejections of all-powerful chief executives but instead expressions of any need to rejuvenate local general public institutions. Additionally it is evident in the raising prevalence of friendship networks since informal options for support during periods of crisis and the fact that the supreme group loyalty to family and close friends is known by Latinos as familismo.

Yet , comparative research that look into the participation of friends in a number of social fields in Latin American countries are still few in number. The development of this sort of investigations might benefit from the promotion of controlled cooperation in this area. This could include the integration of macro and micro viewpoints, as well as quantitative and qualitative data. Such an approach can offer useful ideas into excellent changes in the framework and diversity of couple and family inside structures, as well as in friendships.